1st Kick off 2 online cup 15th November 2020

The inaugral Kick Off 2 Online cup is a one day tournament which takes place on Sunday 15 November 2020.

Over 24 players have already registered.>

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1. Who can play?

Anyone and everyone is welcome! Due to technical limitations numbers may be limited and players prioritised by the number of online games played to date. So get setup and play lots of games online in advance of the tournament.

2. What are the rules?

We are in the early planning stages, we will figure out some basic rules at some stage.

3. Who is organising this tournament?

A bunch of kick off 2 fans (Samu,Danny & Steve).

4. How do I contact the organisers?

Join the conversation on discord or via twitter.

5. When is this happening?

On Sunday 15 November 2020, kick off at 16:00 UTC.

6. What is the tournament format?

Players will be split into groups, which will be based on ranking. Each player will play all other players in the group. The best players will advance into the knockout, quarter,semi and final stages.