Play Kick Off 2 Online!


Kick Off 2 Online(KOOL) is a project which brings the classic 1990s Amiga fun directly to your internet-enabled Windows machine.Kick Off 2 Online is written by Steve Camber with permission from Dino Dini.

How do I play Kick Off 2 Online?

1. Stay up to date with the latest events and news!

2. Get a joystick

The easiest option is to use a usb joystick such as the Competition pro usb.
If you already have an Amiga joystick you will need a db9 to usb adapter such as the Mayflash adapter,the Monster Joystick 9 Pin Joystick to USB Adapter or the USB Joy 2.0.

3. Get a free Kick Off 2 Online beta key

Request your free beta key on discord.

4. Install Kick Off 2 Online

Download and install Kick off 2 online.

5. Play

Logon to the Kick Off 2 Online server and find an opponent. Busiest times tend to be evenings and night.

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Can I play Kick Off 2 Online on Linux/mobile?

That would be nice but I'm afraid not :(

Can I play Kick Off 2 Online on Mac?

You can if you install Windows via bootcamp but not natively.Crossover for Mac may work but it's not currently recomended.

What version of Kick Off 2 does Kick Off 2 Online use?

Kick Off 2 Competition Version (KO2CV), 1.29. KO2CV contains bug fixes and enhancements.Download the latest amiga adf image for use in an Amiga emulator.